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In today’s article, we travel to Toronto, the definition of the modern metropolis. The most multicultural city in Canada is also one of the most important centres in terms of economy, arts, education, sciences, and tourism. To understand Toronto, one needs to understand these four words: organization, cleanliness, punctuality, and courtesy. Based on these characteristics, we will tour the areas of the city of Toronto, where it is impossible to feel like a stranger from the local’s hospitality.

Guest Post by David Henderson

How to Prepare to Visit Toronto

If you ever decide to travel to North America, Toronto is sure to be one of your destinations, along with New York, Washington and Niagara Falls. The pace of life in Canada, of course, is not so intense and its inhabitants exude quality and courtesy.

The best seasons to visit Toronto are Autumn where the colours of the fallen leaves are phenomenal, as well as Spring and Summer. Due to the very heavy winter, the city below is dug, with many underground shops, cafes and restaurants. This is the so-called “path”; an underground path that connects the central metro stations and the skyscrapers of the city.

Toronto does not unjustly have the reputation of being the most cosmopolitan city in Canada. You will surely be impressed by the fact that as soon as they realize that you are a foreigner, they will serve you better than a local. If it is not winter, you will meet people outside until late at night.

For your travel now in the city, you can consider the weekly pass ($ 40) or the daily pass ($ 12), which allow for unlimited routes with all means of transport (the network is called TTC). You can also buy and renew your Presto card ($ 3 per ticket, instead of the regular $ 3.5). Uber, on the other hand, in Toronto is relatively expensive and prices change depending on the time. The Lyft is used more often in Toronto, but this is also quite a costly service. 

A pretty good option for your travels is to rent a car that will allow you to move to any part of the vast city of Toronto. By renting a car, you will get rid of the restriction of your travels by means of transport, while on the contrary, you will gain absolute freedom of movement. If you are looking for car hire in Canada, Enjoy Travel is the ideal choice. From a huge range of rental cars, choose the one that suits your needs, at the best market prices.

Toronto skyline at night.

The Best Tourist Sights in Toronto Canada

  • CN Tower, the Toronto trademark and the best compass (except Google maps) in case you get lost. The CN Tower offers the best view of the city, so it is worth the wait until you get to its highest point.
  • Lake Ontario, this huge lake in the city centre gives the impression of the sea.
  • Royal Ontario Museum, includes the Museum of Art, the World Culture Museum and the Natural History Museum, fills the whole package of museums. Do not miss it if you’re a lover of museums.
  • . Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, together with the Royal Ontario Museum, are the first stop of every tourist, as they are relatively close to each other.
  • Hockey Hall of Fame, the museum for all Hockey friends and the entrance to “the path”, which we talked about.
  • Toronto’s architecture, although skyscrapers dominate, in many places in the city, you will see the classic and conventional red buildings made of firebricks.
Best Things to do in Toronto - Toronto skyline in daytime

Useful Tips to Visit Toronto Canada

-Remember that before you go out to eat in Toronto, you need to make a reservation. Book a table very easily online from the store website.

-Airbnb, like hotels, is relatively expensive in Toronto. A good solution is to use the HomeAway platform.

-If you want to skip the museums mentioned above, a visit to the Toronto Reference Library, however, is an experience in itself.

-For shopping, do not miss Yorkdale and the largest discount centre in Ontario, the Toronto Premium Outlets. They are both out of town, but you will not find it challenging to get there by car.

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Happy travels!

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