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Don’t forget to bring home some Estonian souvenirs from your visit to Tallinn. Souvenirs are a great way to remember your travels and to share them with others. Here are the best souvenirs from Estonia (for yourself or your friends and family):

Best Souvenirs from Estonia

store display of Estonian knits

1. Knits

As in any country whose climate is cold for a large part of the year, knits are readily available and a great memento of an Estonian visit. In addition to the usual findings (hats, gloves, sweaters) one of the unique finds from vendors is the hat-scarf. The hat-scarf is an all-in-one combination where the bits that cover the ears are long enough to go around your neck as a scarf. Choose a unique design to bring home to keep you cozy. The hat-scarf is a useful Estonian souvenir.

shelf display of Estonian linen products

2. Linen

On the other end of the spectrum, Estonian linen is an exquisite fabric. Traditionally made in pale colors reflecting the Estonian landscape, the fabric will last for years and can be used for clothing or household goods. Purchasing one of these high-quality items will mean that the piece will be part of your wardrobe or home for years to come.

wooden kitchen tools

3. Juniper wood products

Juniper is one of the most sustainable types of wood, and it is plentiful in the Baltic states. In Estonia, products made from juniper wood, from kitchen tools to serving dishes, are not only beautiful gifts, but they’re practical too. As far as Estonian souvenirs go, these are lightweight, though they take up some room in your bag.

wood and wool viking figurines from Estonia

4. Viking dolls

Every souvenir store features little wooden figures, about 6” in height, dressed in felt or sheep wool clothing. These are handmade, and each has its own personality. They make cute little gifts.

4 white chocolate bars with blueberries from Kalev in Tallinn

5. Kalev chocolate and candy

Dating back to 1806, the Kalev chocolate shop has delighted Estonians with its chocolate and candy creations. You can even join one of their workshops and create your own marzipan or chocolate creation to bring home. However, visiting their shops means you can load up on a variety to bring home. Try the best seller white chocolate with blueberries – you won’t regret it!

pink and brown marzipan bars from Kalev in Tallinn

6. Marzipan

Whether marzipan was invented in Germany or in Tallinn is a question for debate. However, marzipan has a long tradition in Tallinn, one that continues today. Whether soft marzipan is found inside a soft layer of chocolate or made into a hand-painted figurine, don’t miss visiting the Marzipan Museum in Tallinn. You’ll see some of the last remaining painters doing their craft.

7. Love potion

No, this is not a liquid potion that you leak into your desired lover’s drink. Purchased at the Raeapteek (the Town Hall Pharmacy), the love potion is a piece of marzipan with an almond on top. Since the Middle Ages, marzipan was used as a remedy for love pain so it makes sense that it was considered a type of love potion. Unless you’re a lover of marzipan, consider this a novelty gift.

Please keep in mind any limits imposed by your country on how much alcohol you can bring with you. Also, don’t forget that any alcohol will need to be placed in checked luggage since it exceeds the allowable liquids to be transported in a carry-on.

8. Kannü Kukk (liquor)

This red 90-proof (45% alcohol by volume) liqueur smells and tastes like caraway seeds (cumin). While this may sound strange, this liqueur can be drunk on its own or mixed with tea or fruit juices. 

9. Vana Tallinn (liquor)

This blend of rum, vanilla, lemon, and orange, makes the perfect drinkable liqueur alone or in everything from coffee, tea, or cocktails. 

10. Destination Souvenirs

Of course, there are always the usual mementos like cups, t-shirts, fridge magnets, bottle openers, etc., with the words Tallinn or Estonia on them. No matter what type of collector is on your list, don’t forget to bring back a snow globe, souvenir spoon, thimble, or other destination items for your favorite friend or family.

What is your favorite item to bring home?

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