Want to share your experiences and knowledge with readers of The Common Traveler? That sounds fabulous! Read on to learn my guidelines and how to write for my audience.

This is not a paid opportunity. It is a chance for writers and travel bloggers to share their knowledge with readers who are already interested in travel and learning more about it. The main audience of The Common Traveler lives in the United States and Canada. 

If you are interested in submitting a guest post, please send an email to thecommontravelernet@gmail with a suggested topic and a short description of yourself, including a link to your website or other posts you’ve written if you don’t have your own website. Please wait for my reply before you start writing.

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Topic ideas:

You can write your post as an itinerary, a list of things to do or places to see, a photo essay, etc. Maybe you’ve got a great idea on how to plan a trip to a certain destination. Or you’re an expert packer, able to use a carry-on for a three-week trip (a skill I lack!). Whatever your interest or talent is, share it! Don’t worry too much about SEO, headings, titles, as I will proofread and add those. I will edit your post to make sure we get the most traffic out of your writing.

Only travel related content will be considered. Do not submit posts about traveling with children as family travel is not our audience. Do not submit ideas that sell a product as those guidelines are available under the Work With Me page as sponsored posts. Please read some of the more recent posts on the blog to see whether we are a good fit for you.

Post requirements:

Posts should be a minimum of 1,000 words (unless it is a photo essay in which case 600 words minimum will apply), with posts over 2,000 words encouraged — these should be detailed posts, not full of filler words! They should be authentic (based on your experience), factually accurate, and contain up-to-date information. Do not copy prior work you’ve submitted elsewhere or claim someone else’s work as your own. Include three to five high-quality horizontal photos (1080px wide), with no watermark. Photos should have been taken by you. Please let me know if you’re considering using common creative images so we can discuss it before you write the post. 

Once approved, please submit your post in either Word or as a Google document (not a PDF). Please note that I may add affiliate and internal links to your writing. If you’re in agreement with these requirements, please send an email to thecommontravelernet@gmail.com with your idea.

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What happens next:

Please allow about two weeks for me to sift through the information you’ve sent and for me to determine if we may be a good fit. I will notify you whether I’m interested or not. You should expect to deliver your finished post within six to eight weeks after my approval. Once I receive it, I will publish it anywhere from two to six weeks later, depending on how much editing is involved. Posts are published at least weekly. I reserve the right to remove any guest post after one year, though I may also keep it indefinitely.

What you’ll get:

You may include two “do-follow” links back to your website or social media to non-competing posts. If your post exceeds 1,500 words, you may include three “do-follow links,” if 2,000 words, you may include four “do-follow” links. Please discuss with me first if you wish to add external links to products or places.

I may include other external links within your post (links to other high-quality sites, links to other relevant posts by bloggers, and affiliate links), where applicable.

Are you a brand?

Guest posts are intended only for other writers and bloggers. Do-follow links will only be made to other personal blogs. If you represent a brand or someone working for a brand, please consult the Work With Me page or email me directly at thecommontravelernet@gmail.com. I’m sure we can find a great option for you. 

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Annick, The Common Traveler