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The tourism industry the world over has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving a lot of people craving a much-deserved vacation. Whether you’re heading for the sandy beaches of a resort holiday, or fantasy some hiking off the beaten track, you should always prioritize your safety when traveling alone. Here are some tips for staying safe when traveling alone.

Tips for Staying Safe While Traveling Alone

Tips for Staying Safe While Traveling | The Common Traveler | man sitting on rock in front of Grand Canyon | Traveling Alone by popular US travel blog, The Common Traveler: image of a man sitting on rock in front of the Grand Canyon.

Research the area before you go

Every city or country has its own quirks. If you’re traveling to a non-typical tourist destination, check on the government’s website to see if there are any warnings in place about the area. 

Visit websites like Trip Advisor and look at reviews of your accommodation and attractions in the surrounding area. You’ll find both the good and bad of each location talked about there. The first post on The Common Traveler was about using Trip Advisor – I’m a fan!

Make sure someone knows your itinerary

It’s always a good idea for someone to know what your plans are and when you’re planning to return. For example. If you’re going on a hike and get into trouble or injured, you’d want someone to notice you hadn’t returned. There are lots of great outdoor survival tips on the Prepared Bee website. It’s also a good idea to let your hotel reception know too. That way, if you don’t return, they can raise the alarm. 

It’s also a good idea to let family or friends know your travel dates and where you’ll be staying on your trip. If you can arrange to have a dedicated check-in time or days, those are a great idea too.

Tips for Staying Safe While Traveling | The Common Traveler | image of metro train going by inside station |Traveling Alone by popular US travel blog, The Common Traveler: image of a metro train.

Always know how you’re getting home

If you spend the day sightseeing or shopping, always know how you’re going to get home. Familiarise yourself with the transport system and where taxi services are. If there is a rideshare program in the place you’re visiting, download the proper app.

Keep your wits about you 

You don’t have the luxury of being able to have friends and family look out for you if you have one too many margaritas. Now, no one is saying not to have a good time but don’t drink so much that it affects your judgment or perception of danger. 

The same goes for sleeping too. Get a good amount of rest so that you’re alert. 

Keep your valuables safe

It’s a good idea not to flash too many expensive items or accessories about when you’re traveling as these could attract attention. Invest in a money holder that you can keep somewhere on your body that is safe from pickpockets. Some of these can be attached to your waist, around your leg, or even your bra. It’s a good way to keep your valuables secure in a safe at your accommodation, but try not to keep all of your money or credit cards in one place in case these are stolen. 

Consider purchasing a travel safe to keep your stuff safe in your hotel room or while you’re on the beach. You should also keep your information safe by using a VPN provider any time you’re getting online. This protects you from having someone else enter into your accounts while you’re using your device.

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Have copies of all of your documents

Before you go, take a copy of all of your official documents. This includes your passport, visa, insurance, plane tickets, etc. Keep them in a different place from your originals. This way, if they are stolen or your luggage is lost, you have access to the information. It’s also a good idea to leave a copy with someone back home.


Traveling solo can be an amazing experience, but it does require a little more planning and awareness than if you were traveling in a group. 

Do you have a favorite way to stay safe while traveling alone? Share it with us in the comments!

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