Wish to work with The Common Traveler to promote you or your client’s travel-related business, product, or service? Fabulous!

Samples of Sponsored Posts



Rates for a sponsored post range from $100 USD to $500 USD.
Sponsored reviews of products or services start at $100 USD.
In-content links start at $75 USD.
Instagram and Facebook sponsored posts start at $25 USD.

In-kind or other exchanges will be considered. Contact me directly at thecommontravelernet@gmail.com to discuss.

Further details described below. 


The Common Traveler is a travel website promoting affordable travel. Sponsored posts must be travel-related. The vast majority (82% to be precise) of The Common Traveler’s audience is based in the United States and Canada. Products and services should be available and of interest to this audience.

Writing and Word Count:

Please provide information about your product or service which can be used as the base of a sponsored post. I will add to the post my personal voice and additional research. Expect a minimum of 1,000 words. Also provide high-quality photos that can be included in the post.

Your Content:

The more in-depth the information you provide, the more likely it is to resonate with our readers and to attract more visitors to your product or service. Consider putting some information about your product in an article that explores a related travel post. For example, car rental companies in a certain country may want to promote a driving itinerary. Hotels or resorts should consider highlighting their facility as a home-base to explore things to do nearby. Airlines or booking sites may want to consider highlighting a popular destination. 

Depending on our arrangement, I may either use your proposed content as is or modify it and alter it into a different format. Content may be offered as things to do or see in a location, itineraries, or themed content (foodie locations, free sights, etc).


A draft will be sent prior to publication for your review and approval. Minor changes or edits will be happily accommodated. Major revisions will be charged at an hourly rate of $100 USD.


Up to two sponsored links may be included in a sponsored post. Links will be marked as “sponsored” to comply with Google’s guidelines. If your link changes after publication, I may remove it, repurpose the post, or do with it as I see fit. 

I may add “do-follow” links to other authoritative (and non-competing) sources that will help increase the rank and visibility of the post. I may add affiliate and internal links from other posts on my website to your sponsored post. 


In compliance with international advertising rules and guidelines, all sponsored posts will include a specific disclosure at the end of the article. Examples of the language used are:

I’d like to thank the X Company and Y Service for sponsoring my visit to Z location. As always, my write-ups are an accurate reflection of the experiences I had. This post contains affiliate links, which simply means if you make a booking using one of my links, I may receive a small commission, at no additional cost to you.

X company asked me to write a review of their Y service. The research I did and the words and opinions expressed here are completely my own, however. 

This post has been brought to you in partnership with X company.

Stay-live term of post:

Unless otherwise agreed upon, all sponsored posts will remain live for a term of one year. At the expiration of one year, I may remove, re-purpose, remove links to the original sponsor, or do as I wish with the post. At the moment, I anticipate not removing sponsored posts at the end of the year term.


After publication, you can ask to refresh a post with a new photo, a few sentences, or updated information in a few sentences. Fees to refresh posts begin at $50 USD.


I retain the copyright of the sponsored post so the post remains original. You may not republish the post on your (or your client’s) site or elsewhere. The reason is to avoid duplicate content on the web; if the post is republished on your (or your client’s) site, Google may penalize both our site and your (or your client’s) site. 

In-content text link:

My rate is $75 USD to place a link within an existing blog post on The Common Traveler. (An appropriate disclosure will be added at the end. For example, X Company has helped to support this post.) In-kind exchange may be considered.

Social media post:

Not looking for a full sponsored post but wish to have an Instagram or Facebook post instead? Starting at $25 USD, each social media post will contain the disclosure #ad or #sponsored. In-kind exchange may be considered.

Have something else in mind?

Looking for something else? Contact me directly and let’s come up with a solution that fits your budget and needs! The Common Traveler is flexible and open to new creative ideas to bring attention to your product or service.


Payment is by PayPal and is due immediately upon publication of the post on the blog. I charge a 4% PayPal handling fee on all transactions.


Please see our Disclosure policy and our Media Kit.

Please note that rates are subject to change.

Thank you again for reaching out to The Common Traveler. I look forward to working with you!

Annick, The Common Traveler