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Who doesn’t love clever travel hacks? It is probably one of the most talked-about topics among people who travel. This light-hearted post shares some of the most clever travel hacks. Enjoy!

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Guest Post by Jeremy Smith of CBoarding Group.

Men who travel. Sounds like the title of a new TV sitcom that’s destined to suck, right? However, as one of those men who travel (for work) I’ve developed a specific set of habits designed to make my trips more survivable enjoyable. Many of those routines equally apply to both genders (and everything in between) but I’m a dude so I am sharing a few of my travel hacks for guys. 

Before we dive into the best travel hacks for men let me share some brief background information with you. I travel for work. Yup, almost every week I am somewhere in the world on business. Traveling on the company dime has allowed me to visit many parts of the United States (and the world) I’d have never visited on my own. It’s exposed me to many cultures, climates, food styles and more. 

It’s also taught me how to be a better traveler. Here are some of my favorite hacks for traveling that I use on almost every trip. 

Best Travel Hacks for Men – the top 5

Before we dive into the details of our best travel hacks for men here’s a quick overview followed by a detailed discussion of each travel hack. 

  1. Never check a bag
  2. Use hotel lotion as shaving cream & aftershave (if you run out)
  3. Wear your jeans multiple days
  4. Roll your ties (and dress pants) 
  5. Get a reversible belt

I’ve also added a few bonus travel hacks that apply to all genders at the end. Happy reading!

Travel Hack For Men #1 – Never Check a Bag

man grabbing bag from conveyor belt at airport

Let’s be honest. This hack isn’t just for guys who travel. It’s for ALL travelers. But it’s too good not to share. While this style of travel has created some controversy among travelers, it seems like the never-checkers are winning. And that makes me smile…

I firmly believe that checking a bag is for chumps. Sure, there are a few valid reasons to check a bag (e.g. you are traveling with golf clubs or equipment or going on like a really long trip) but I come down on the side of the fence that says if you are checking your suitcase you probably don’t know how to pack!

The savviest travelers among us know how to pack light and they value efficiency and speed at the airport. No need to wait in line to drop your bag off or to wait around for it to come off the belt at baggage claim. Or risk that it might get lost. 

Moreover, travelers who carry their bags maintain maximum flexibility. Flight got delayed and you need to jump on an earlier flight? No need to worry about your suitcase catching up to you. You got all you need with you. 

For my money, the single greatest travel hack you can employ is to simply never check your bag!

Travel Hack for Men #2 –
Use Hotel Lotion as Shaving Cream & Aftershave (if you run out)

toiletry bottles in shower

Picture this. You open your favorite toiletry kit in anticipation of dragging a razor across your face. But, gasp, you’ve forgotten your travel shaving cream. Since you are standing in a towel you probably don’t have time (or interest) in running down to the front desk (if they even have cream). 

Not to worry, man. In a pinch, you can use the hotel shampoo or lotion as shaving cream. And if you were a real dolt and forgot your aftershave too you can definitely use the hotel lotion as some emergency aftershave. Sure, you’re gonna smell like a eucalyptus tree all day, but at least your face won’t feel like someone is holding a blowtorch to it. 

Travel Hack for Men #3 – Wear your Jeans Multiple Days

Best travel hacks for men featured by top US travel blog, The Common Traveler: image of a man in jeans on couch with pillow over face

I suppose this could apply to female travelers too if I am being honest here, but the gals I’ve talked to find this a less than appealing proposition. For guys, however, we have no shame in wearing the same set of jeans multiple times on a trip. 

Unless your trip has you hoofing it in the Australian Outback chances are your jeans are still clean. This is why one of my favorite travel hacks for guys is to only bring one or two pairs of jeans on any trip I am on and simply re-wear them.

Travel Hack #4 – Roll your ties (and dress pants) 

tie up close on sheet

A wrinkled tie is a sad sight because it’s darn hard to get creases out. This is why rolling your ties is the only way to go. You can actually store your rolled ties in a special travel tie case designed for this purpose.

As a bonus, you can also roll any dress pants you have with you which will make it easier to pack and also minimize wrinkles. This saves you ironing time and who likes to iron? No one. That’s who. 

Travel Hack #5 – Get a reversible belt

two belts on top of belts brown and black

In the spirit of packing light, invest in a reversible belt that is black on one side and brown on the other. It’s one less belt to carry with you and gives you the flexibility to mix up your outfits for the week. 

Bonus Travel Hacks that apply to Male & Female Travelers

Here are a few additional travel hacks that apply equally to all travel genders. I use these hacks on almost every single trip!

  • Stuff your socks in your shoes to get some extra space in your suitcase. We use this trick frequently and it’s a great way to maximize some dead space in your bag. 
  • Stick with one airline, hotel, and rental car company. This is a tried and true method to maximize your points & miles. Sticking with one travel company in each category helps you earn status quicker and with status comes more perks. 
  • Look at the tag on that hotel mattress, pillow or sheets…you can get them for your home! Let’s be honest. You’ve thought about stealing a hotel pillow before. We all have. While the hotel frowns on that, you can actually buy most hotel bedding! Boom, problem solved. 
  • Leave your dress shirts in the dry cleaning bag to minimize wrinkles. This travel hack is pretty sweet. Instead of folding your shirts leave them in the dry cleaning bag and store them in a suiter. Less wrinkles!

Final thoughts

There you have it. The best travel hacks for men (and frankly all travelers). What are your favorite travel hacks? What’s the secret trick you use to get a little more out of your trip? Drop us a comment or tweet us to share. 

Jeremy is a frequent business traveler who spends more nights in hotel beds than he does his own bed. His business travel blog, the CBoardingGroup.com highlights the daily grind of the work traveler with business travel tips & hacks, humor, and travel gear reviews. Business travel has taken him all over the globe…on the company dime, of course…and he can’t complain one bit (although he still does). 

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Learn the best travel hacks for men (and women) and start improving your travel game immediately. We share 5 clever travel hacks for anyone who travels. #travelhacks
Learn the best travel hacks for men (and women) and start improving your travel game immediately. We share 5 clever travel hacks for anyone who travels. #travelhacks
Learn the best travel hacks for men (and women) and start improving your travel game immediately. We share 5 clever travel hacks for anyone who travels. #travelhacks
Learn the best travel hacks for men (and women) and start improving your travel game immediately. We share 5 clever travel hacks for anyone who travels. #travelhacks