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You’ve enjoyed a fabulous vacation in Aruba but what should you bring back your loved ones and co-workers? After all, you’ve got to rub their faces in it show how much you missed them during your vacation! Here are your best bets for the best souvenirs from Aruba:

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TOP 10 BEST ARUBA SOUVENIRS TO BUY featured by top travel blog, The Common Traveler: image of aloe vera plant close up

1. Aloe Vera Products

The island is a desert. Chances are, you visited Aruba because you wanted to lay in the glorious sun. And at that latitude, you would have burned to a crisp had you not had the best sun protection out there. If you enjoyed a visit to the Aloe Vera Factory & Museum, you had an opportunity to see the products for yourself. Take back a piece of this medicinal plant and its benefits to your loved ones.

2. “I Love Aruba” Sunscreen

Wondering what is up with the “I 💓 Aruba” sunscreen products available at most stores on the island? While they may look cheesy, they are reef safe as of January 1, 2019, making them usable in all countries trying to protect the coral reefs from harmful chemicals. Plus they are some of the most effective sunscreens I’ve had the pleasure of using, so if you have a loved one or friend who enjoys the outdoors, bring them back the best sunscreen they’ve never heard of and they’ll think of you every time they use it.

3. Delft Blue Pottery (Dutch Pottery)

Instantly recognizable for its blue on white pattern, Delft pottery originated in Antwerp around 1500. Over the centuries, Delft pottery has been admired and possessed by royalty. As a country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, visitors to Aruba can purchase Delftware without an import tax. Originals will have the words “Delfts Blauw” painted on the bottom. Of course, if you are okay with a knock-off, those are available too. Delft pottery makes a beautiful, delicate souvenir.

TOP 10 BEST ARUBA SOUVENIRS TO BUY featured by top travel blog, The Common Traveler: image of Aruba One Happy Island license plate

4. Aruba License Plates

As one of the few places in the world where car owners have to trade in their license plates every year, their pain in the neck civic duty is your bonus for this quirky gift. With their motto “One Happy Island,” how can you go wrong? Perfect for a teenager or your friend who has a license plate collection!

5. Reduced Cost Jewelry and Goods

While technically not a duty-free island, many retailers and manufacturers offer discounted prices on Aruba. The Renaissance Mall next to the Renaissance Hotel houses the likes of Louis Vuitton, Prada, Carolina Herrera, and more. Neighboring Royal Plaza Mall offers Tommy Hilfiger and the island’s only Rolex retailer. Bring your pocketbook, this isn’t going to be an inexpensive visit!

TOP 10 BEST ARUBA SOUVENIRS TO BUY featured by top travel blog, The Common Traveler: image of Dutch cheese ripening on the shelves at a dairy farm.

6. Dutch Cheese, Chocolate, and Stroopwafels

Fans of Dutch cheeses (think Edam, Gouda, Limburger, to name but a few) and you’ve got the idea. Plus while Belgium may have stolen some of their thunder, Dutch chocolates are pretty marvelous in their own right. Of course, my favorites when I traveled to Holland were always the Stroopwafels, a tin of which never seemed to make it home to my parents, their intended beneficiaries. In other words, you can find many Dutch foods in Aruba to bring back to your loved ones.

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7. Mopa Mopa Art

Handcrafted by local artists on Aruba, Mopa Mopa art celebrates the cultural heritage of the island. These wooden carved pieces are painted with a vegetable dye and finished with a resin-based lacquer. Sold only in Aruba, the Mopa Mopa art represents a tradition started by the Quinllacingas tribe over 2000 years ago.

8. Aruba T-Shirts and Mementos

Whatever your preference may be (I’ve mentioned before my mother’s souvenir spoon collection and my aunt’s thimble collection), there are Aruba souvenirs for all the collectors in your circle of family and friends as well. While there are no Aruba Hard Rock Cafes or Aruba Harley dealerships for those that collect those types of items, there are plenty of other Aruba themed souvenirs to be added to anyone’s collection.

9. Balashi Beer

If you’ve got a beer lover at home, bring back some locally made Balashi beer. Balashi brews three types of beer – all light Caribbean inspired to cool you off from the heat of the sun. Throw some beer cans into your checked luggage to avoid the liquids limit for carry-on luggage. Just keep in mind the alcohol limit applicable to your individual country.

10. Palmera Rum 

The only locally blended rum, Palmera Rum is a little taste of Aruba you can take back with you. Starting in 1965, they now make various flavored rums, spirits, and liqueurs. Hopefully, they’ll remind you of some of the great rum drinks you enjoyed during your stay. As above, keep in mind the alcohol limit applicable to your individual country or consider buying it at the duty-free shop if you don’t have a connecting flight.  

Enjoy your time on Aruba and bring back a memento of the One Happy Island your friends and family (or yourself, no one is judging you!).

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