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This microbrewery was a gem of a find!

Dew Point Brewing old mill brewery

Dew Point Brewing opened in the Summer of 2016 and is a family affair.  Cody, the son, is the brewer and only full-time employee.  John, the dad, was a homebrewer himself and is now co-brewer and jack of all trades.  Georgiana, the mom, runs the taproom and business side.  Alexa, the daughter, handles social events.  Extended family members helped renovate a decrepit 1901 building.  The result is unlike any brewery I’ve seen so far.

Dew Point Brewing taproom sign

Located in an outbuilding of a historic snuff mill complex, brewing occurs downstairs while the taproom is upstairs.  Dew Point Brewing has so much more charm than most breweries that you find in modern industrial spaces!  I could see this as an ideal setting for a fancy event or reunion.

Dew Point Brewing

The family members have kept their day jobs — so hours are limited.  Business hours consist of evenings and weekends:  Wednesdays and Thursdays until 9 pm; Friday and Saturday until 11 pm; with long Sunday hours.  Food trucks nourish patrons every Friday and hopefully, Saturday and Sunday options will soon be available.

Dew Point Brewing beer menu

Their Untappd menu online doesn’t do them justice — listing only five of their ten available beers.  As someone who does not like hoppy beers, I really appreciated their low IBU beers and selection of mellow tastes, including some nice Belgians.

Dew Point Brewing beer flights at Dew Point Brewing

There were so many tempting beers that we ordered two flights.  From left to right, here is what we enjoyed:  The Village Lager, Love Is Blonde, Trappist-1 Tripel, Lost In Spice, Nit Wit (wheat), Dubbel Dip, Lilly’s Spotted Stout, and Red Clay Creek (Pale Ale).

The tiny tasting room was designed with care and attention to detail. When you sit at the bar, there are hooks for your purse (or coat or backpack).  And although I don’t usually comment on bathrooms, their unisex bathroom also has multiple hooks, as well as a toilet and a urinal.

Dew Point Brewing outside patio at Dew Point Brewing

An outside patio is idyllic for those coming with children and dogs.  A Delaware law prohibits taking open containers outside unless the business has a special patio permit (in the works).  Instead, customers must buy a growler and take it outside with them (unlike North Carolina).

Favorite Beer:  Love is Blonde.

Another wonderful thing is that Dew Point Brewing offers great WiFi!  Most breweries offer WiFi, but service and quality can be hit or miss.  Good quality WiFi is very important if you plan on working from here (why should Starbucks get all the glory?) or if you have antsy teenagers in tow who need to be kept entertained and are “too old” for the board games.

A local run club will be starting and ending their runs here for the summer.  I can’t imagine a more refreshing or inspiring location at which to meet!  Not enough for me to start running, but if you’re into running and in this area, you should check it out.

Dew Point Brewing brewery

One thing is clear – this family loves what they do and loves sharing it with us!

Check out their website for more information. Fans of breweries should also check out Kennett Square, East Branch, and Levante.


Annick, The Common Traveler

This cute micro-brewery is worth the visits if you Belgian beers!