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This was our second visit to Kennett Brewing Company (KBC) but a pretty lively one since a band was performing.

Kennett Brewing Company menu

I wouldn’t call KBC a brewpub but it has a kitchen so there are some menu options.  Even with the grill closed, (we arrived late) we were able to order some pretty decent pork carnitas nachos.  Prior to 9 pm, other options include soups and chilis, flatbreads, sandwiches, and burgers.  I saw posters for Mother’s Day brunch — so they really do try to maximize the use of their space.

Physically located in the basement of a retail area of downtown, Kennett Brewing Company does not look like a lot of breweries we have visited.  It is closer in appearance to a bar with the added bonus of the food.  Similar to a bar, I didn’t see any games, commonly seen at other small breweries, to pass the time while enjoying a cold brew.  Due to its downtown location, I also didn’t see any adjoining outdoor area.

Kennett Brewing beer flight

We ordered a flight.  We tried:  Mighty Susqy Saisonaire, Rye Emma Chrisit, Kennett-Hell Brau, Ploughman Milk Stout.  My favorite was the saison, of course.

Kennett Brewing Company signs & taps

One of the things Kennett Brewing Company does really well compared to some of the other breweries is the strong branding.  Their logo is a hop head skull design that reminded me of blond children in a possessed scarecrow movie.  Their website is strong and throughout the space and t-shirts, they carry their theme.  The handles on the taps are farms tool handles (think scythes) — it’s enough to give you a nightmare if you grew up watching scary movies like I did!

Their saying is “Brewed in the woods by men of science.”  Their brewers’ goal is to study traditional beer recipes from around the world and re-interpret them in original ways.

The bartenders are friendly.  This is a nice place to hang out with friends and have a beer.  Pretty darn good considering they’re in the shadow of Victory Brewing!

Check out their website for more information.  

If you’re in the area also consider visiting Dew Point Brewing, East Branch Brewing, and Levante.

Happy drinking!

Annick, The Common Traveler