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taps at Dieu du Ciel!

Funny story about how we found out about this brewery. After arriving in Mont Saint-Sauveur, we visited Provigo, the grocery store. My mom told us about a huge aisle that included both local or Canadian beers and beers from other places. We were like children in a candy store! But at the very front of the store, as you walked in, a demonstration table was set up featuring four beers from Dieu du Ciel! We never got to try any of those because the dude working the station disappeared to find more sample glasses and did not return while we were still there. But the display case behind the table showed some of the possibilities.

Dieu du Ciel Blanche du ParadisI picked a white wheat beer (I’m sure you’re all shocked by my selection!), while Allan was more adventurous and picked a wheat beer with hibiscus. My choice, Blanche du Paradis,  was heaven in a glass!  I jumped for joy when I found out that their microbrewery was only 15 minutes away!


This brewery’s selection is really huge. My only complaint is that they don’t feature traditional flights. Instead, beers come in 4oz, 8oz, 12oz and 16oz glasses. The good news is that you’re not limited to a set number of flavors in a flight. The bad news is that the beers were more expensive this way. We tried a variety:

Dieu du Ciel flight

Sentinelle – a Kolsch with a 5.1% ABV

Pénombre – a black IPA with a 6.5 ABV

Rosée D’Hibiscus – their white wheat with hibiscus with a 5.9% ABV

Blanche du Paradis – this is the delicious white wheat that convinced me to look up this place with a 5.5% ABV

beer menu at Dieu du Ciel!Aphrodisiaque – a stout with cacao and vanilla with a 6.5% ABV. Not bad for a stout!

Solstice d’Eté Cerise – aargh! Tricked again! While labeled a beer with cherry, this is actually a Berliner Weiss so this beer is sour with a 5.9% ABV

Tamarindo – a gose with tamarin and a 4.9% ABV – so not my thing!

I can appreciate that sour is the new flavor profile the cool kids are drinking, but it just isn’t my thing. Most of the sours I tasted were tart, think Sweet Tarts, and I was not a fan of those growing up.

On the other hand, if I could write songs, I would dedicate an ode to Blanche du Paradis. Blanche is the smoothest Belgian white wheat that I have drank in a long time, and along with Unibroue’s Blanche de Chambly, one of my new favorites.

Dieu du Ciel! means God in Heaven.  The names of the beers continue the heavenly theme, or more accurately, sinful things!


Dieu du Ciel




This brewery offered a limited food menu until 11pm. When most people drink, they want some food. It helps breweries to have food so patrons stay longer and drink more. The food options here were typical and nothing to write home about, although almost every table had at least one plate to eat.


The inside of Dieu du Ciel! can accommodate lots of people, but it was such a gorgeous day that everyone was enjoying themse


lves outside.



Dieu du Ciel fermenterThe weak WiFi offered to guests sits on an unprotected network. I got the usual spinning wheel of death so that I had to wait until I got home to log into my Untappd account. The hooks that I like so much at the bar for purses were ever present. At this point I’m only going to report if I don’t see my beloved hooks.

Dieu du Ciel copper tableI didn’t see children or dogs at this microbrewery. The usual games were not present, so this was more typical of a restaurant location.  To give it street credit, you could see the fermenters in the back. I liked the tables covered in copper – added to the ambiance of the place.

Because of the deliciousness known as Blanche du Paradis, I could be happy if this was the only brewery I could visit!

Find out more at their website:  Dieu du Ciel!

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