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If you’ve been following my website for a while, you’ll know I love souvenirs! I know that experiences are the most critical aspect of any travel but souvenirs are visual reminders of those experiences. Read on to find the 12 best Iceland souvenirs worth the space in your luggage.

Best Iceland Souvenirs

12 Best Souvenirs from Iceland | image: Lopapeysa sweaters

1. Lopapeysa Sweater

In countries where the weather is cold, wool products are high on the list of the best souvenirs to bring back. One of the most unique souvenirs from Iceland is the Icelandic sweater, known as the lopapeysa sweater. Icelandic sheep for the win!

Purchasing an authentic lopapeysa sweater comes with a costly price tag. But you get what you pay for in this instance. You can tell a lopapeysa because of the pattern around the neck opening. This lightweight and water-resistant cold-weather gear makes for a perfect addition to your wardrobe!

Where to buy: Visit the Handknitting Association of Iceland for the largest choice. You can find them for sale everywhere (even gas stations!) but be selective to find an original and not a machine-made copy from China.

12 Best Souvenirs from Iceland | image: bottles of Icelandic Brennivin

2. Brennivín

Your alcohol purchase should include a bottle of Brennivín (“burning wine”). Made from fermented grain mash, Iceland’s soft water, and caraway. This distilled product falls into the aquavit category of alcohol with an 80% alcohol content. 

When you purchase a bottle of Brennivín, you can recreate some of your favorite cocktails you sampled in Iceland or just take a shot with your friends.

Where to buy: duty-free shop at the airport and Vínbúđin (government-run alcohol stores).

12 Best Souvenirs from Iceland | image: 4 bottles of Icelandic beers

3. Icelandic Beer

It’s hard to believe but beer has only been legal in Iceland since 1989. What the industry has created in the ensuing 30 years is nothing short of amazing.

Try the beers made with local ingredients: Borg, Einstok, Kaldi, and Skuli.

Where to buy: duty-free shop at the airport and Vínbúđin (government-run alcohol stores).

12 Best Souvenirs from Iceland | image: woman holding bag of Icelandic licorice

4. Lakkris

Licorice is a favorite candy in Iceland. Like in other Scandinavian countries, Icelanders like their licorice salty and in so many more exciting forms than we have in the US.

Where to buy: Supermarkets, tourist shops, duty-free shops if you forgot. 

12 Best Souvenirs from Iceland | image: Blue Lagoon beauty products

5. Blue Lagoon Products

Sure you’ve visited the Blue Lagoon and enjoyed its silica mask, among others. Between the country’s volcano, crystal clear water, and algae, you’re sure to find the perfect self-pampering product for yourself or a loved one.

Where to buy: the Blue Lagoon and duty-free shops at the airport (best prices).

12 Best Souvenirs from Iceland | image: lava jewelry

6. Jewelry

Icelandic jewelry makes a great gift to wear or give away. Icelandic jewelry celebrates nature and the island’s history. Whether you choose something containing lava, salmon fish leather, or a rune, you will surely find the perfect item to complement your style.

Where to buy: Lava Rock Reykjavik, Aurum by Guđbjörg Jewelry

12 Best Souvenirs from Iceland | image: display of nature condoms
Nature condoms: combining humor and a taste of the local landscape.

7. Unique local gifts

Icelanders have a great sense of humor, which means their souvenirs are especially funny and unique. Can of clean Icelandic air? Check! Nature condoms with cheeky photos of erupting volcanoes, geysers, and northern lights? Check! 

Where to buy: Tourist shops everywhere

12 Best Souvenirs from Iceland | image: Omnom chocolate bars

8. Omnom Chocolate

You can’t go wrong with chocolate, and as one of Iceland’s premier chocolatiers, Ommon is the perfect gift. Ommon puts an Icelandic twist on chocolate by incorporating traditional flavors like licorice and sea salt. 

Where to buy: Everywhere! Tourist shops, supermarkets, and the factory (where you can see them made!)

12 Best Souvenirs from Iceland | image: Iceland sign with road in background

9. Music

All jokes from “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga” aside, Iceland is renowned for its music scene. From Bjork to  Sigur Rós, Iceland welcomes lovers of all styles of music. 

Time your visit so you can attend one of Iceland’s famous music festivals: Iceland Airwaves, held over three days and nights in early November in downtown Reykjavik. Celebrate the summer solstice in Reykjavik over three days in June at the Secret Solstice Festival. If you’re visiting in winter (like me!), Reykjavik comes to life with the Dark Music Days Festival in January. This one is held indoors at the Harpa Concert Hall.

Discover some new music while visiting Iceland and bring it home to share!

12 Best Souvenirs from Iceland | image: books about Iceland tales

10. Icelandic Sagas

Lovers of history, culture, and stories will enjoy owning an Icelandic saga. The traditional stories are written and displayed. Pick your favorite one from Norse history and mythology. Or find a book with tales of elves and other mythic creatures.

Where to buy: Bookstores and tourist shops.

12 Best Souvenirs from Iceland | image: flavored salts

11.   Salt!

Salt may not come to mind when thinking about souvenirs to bring home, but Icelandic salt is a flaky, mineral-rich seasoning. The salt is obtained from the geothermal springs in the northwest part of Iceland. Saltverk is a popular brand that creates salt mixtures featuring thyme, lava, berries, and many other combinations. They make the perfect gift.

Where to buy: Tourist shops, supermarkets, and duty-free shops.

12 Best Souvenirs from Iceland | image: Elves!

12. Location Souvenirs

We can’t forget all the souvenirs with Iceland or Reykjavik on them: think mugs, spoons, t-shirts, fridge magnets, etc. You’ll also find loads of puffins in various forms to take home with you. 

Where to buy: Tourist shops, supermarkets, and duty-free shops.

12 Best Souvenirs from Iceland | image: Iceland wood magnets

Final Thoughts on Best Iceland Souvenirs

Don’t forget to bring back some of Iceland’s best souvenirs as a memento of your fabulous time in Iceland. Share some unique quality gifts with friends and family since this list is perfect for all ages and tastes. You can find almost every item on this list at the Duty-Free shop at the airport, so you don’t have to carry them around with you other than on your flight.

What is your favorite Iceland souvenir? Do you recommend something else?

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