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Nothing says summer like seeing fields of beautiful sunflowers! They make me smile. My Instagram and Facebook feeds light up every July with glorious photos of these golden beauties. I see people stage their baby photos, engagement, wedding shoots (how do they time it?) and so much more. I even took a special photo class on sunflower selfies at the North Carolina Museum of Art last summer. There is something about the intricate center, the way the bees buzz in and out, how they all face in the same direction, that captivates us. So here is the list of the best sunflower fields in NC that you can visit while exploring some of the best things to do in North Carolina.

This post will be updated regularly as more details are announced. Sunflowers generally bloom in July. Updated 9/22/23.

Sunflowers are more than just pretty to look at too. They can generate cooking oil and bio-diesel to power equipment. Their seeds are delicious, as humans and squirrels will attest. Bringing sunflowers into your home is like bringing the sunshine in.

Some of the sunflower fields allow visitors to stroll amongst the flowers while others restrict you to specific aisles. Some sunflower fields allow visitors to pick their own flowers to take home — a special memento of their visit. Other sunflower fields do not allow anyone to touch or remove the flowers. It is important to check the rules for each specific field to ensure that you have the best visit and that you leave happy with your experience. Please enjoy these great sunflower fields in North Carolina!

THE BEST SUNFLOWER FIELDS IN NC TO VISIT featured by top NC blogger, The Common Traveler: image of sunflowers in a field
Sunflower fields at Dogwood Farms

When is the Best Time to Visit Sunflower Fields in NC?

Harvest season is from late June to August. The sunflowers peak in July in North Carolina. Most sunflower fields will post on their Facebook pages their peak flower period, which depending on the rain and sun exposure is a two-week period in early to mid-July. Some farms stagger their planting period to provide flowers that last through August.

Sunflower Fields in NC Open to Visitors

Please note that all these hours are subject to change (weather, holidays, special events, etc). Before you drive out, double-check each sunflower field’s website and Facebook page to avoid disappointment!

1) Sunflower Fields at Dorothea Dix Park

75 Hunt Drive, Raleigh

Hours: The sunflowers bloom in July. See you in 2024!
Fees: FREE!
Parking: (Weekday Parking) Off Hunt Drive near the Magnolia Room (1800 Umstead Dr.)
(Weeknight & Weekend Parking)  Visitors are welcome to use any parking lot at Dix Park.
Professional Photographers: Annual City of Raleigh Park permit required
Picking: No
Pets: On a leash only
Drones or other aerial devices: Welcome on the Big Field only
Port-a-johns, water fountain. Indoor restrooms at the Chapel during visitor hours.’

As of July 26- The sunflowers are past peak bloom, with about 50% of the flowers starting to wilt. The next few days are your last chance to see the field in bloom!

With 280,000 seeds of the Hunters Select Peredovik variety planted, there’s no reason you should not visit this field.

Photos of these sunflowers fill my Instagram every year! The city of Raleigh plants these fields every year in Dorothea Dix Park so they can be enjoyed by everyone. The best part is that once they have wilted, the city repurposes the flowers into biofuel to power some of the city’s equipment.

During Saturday evenings visitors can also enjoy acoustic music by local musicians and beer available from Trophy Brewing. 

To stretch your glorious sunflower day, visit both Dorothea Dix and NCMA on the same day. Park at one location, then either bring your own bicycle or rent one at the Citrix Cycle station. Travel along the Rocky Branch and Reedy Creek greenway trails that connect both locations.

2) North Carolina Museum of Art

2110 Blue Ridge Rd, Raleigh

Hours: 10 AM – 5 PM
Fees: FREE!
Parking: Free. DAWN TO DUSK
Photographers: Need prior authorization
Picking: No
Pets: On a leash only
Facilities: Yes

While the NCMA is closed at this time, the beautiful Museum Park is still open! The sunflowers were planted a little later and are blooming in August. Come out and enjoy these sunny faces!

3) Wise Acres

4701 Hartis Road, Indian Trail, NC

Hours: Closed for 2023
Fees: Free (reservation is required 2 weeks prior)
Photographers: contact directly
Picking: Yes! Stems are available for $1 each.
Payments: Cash is preferred, but they take hands-free payments including all major credit cards as well as Apple & Google Pay.
Facilities: No.

This farm serves as a wedding venue but opens its flower fields during the weekend. They are currently open on the weekends in July.

4) McLawland Farms

8632 Reedy Creek Road, Charlotte

Thank you all for a great 5th summer season! Stay tuned for Fall Flowers in October!

Fees: Free but must be booked in advance.

New flower varieties are in the works in addition to all the flowers you’ve come to love discovering in our fields. Early morning hours are the best for flower picking.

Check their Facebook page for updates! You must book 60-minute appointments online before visiting!

5) Galloway Farm

370 Artesia Road, Hallsboro

Hours: Fridays:10am-9pm /Saturdays & Sundays: 10am-8pm, Late September through 1st week of November
Fees: $8.50 per person [Must buy tickets online in advance]
Parking: Free
Photographers: must schedule in advance, $25 sitting fee
Picking: Yes! Stems are available for $1 each. Buy 5 get 2 free. Buy 10 get 5 free. A bucket for $20.
Pets: On a leash only.
Facilities: Portajohns. Concessions and playground areas are available.

Just west of Wilmington, you’ll find Galloway Farm, where 12 acres of sunflowers patiently await September and October to bloom! Yay for fall bouquets! Visit Galloway for their Selfies in the Sunflowers. If the flowers bloom at the same time as their amazing maze is open, the price of admission may be higher to include both features plus other activities. For 2023, they’ve added many new varieties and colors. And the new zinnias, cosmos, and Mexican sunflowers mean blooms through October!

6) Hill Ridge Farms

703 Tarboro Road, Youngsville

Hours: See you in 2024
Fees: 4 or More $75 per person1-3 $85 per personIncludes UnlimitedVisits April-OctoberWagon Ride, Train Ride, Carousel Ride, All general play areas each visit.
Parking: Included in the fee
Photographers: no restrictions indicated
Picking: Yes! 1/2 dozen stems for $5, 1 dozen for $10; increments of 6 stems only for $5
Pets: No
Facilities: Portable potties

Located near Wake Forest, a short drive from Raleigh and Durham, expect to find about 50,000 blooms from 10 varieties of sunflowers! While the fields are open, the rest of the facilities will be closed, so bring your own shears and bags to carry your flowers. Find all the details on the farm’s Facebook page.

THE BEST SUNFLOWER FIELDS IN NC TO VISIT featured by top NC blogger, The Common Traveler: image of sunflower against sky

7) Odom Farming Company

1426 Claridge Nursery Rd, Goldsboro

The bloom is finished for summer 2023. We’ll have flowers again during Fall Fun on the Farm

Hours: Hours will vary by week, but our plan is to be open consistently from 6-9 pm on weekdays and 3-8 on weekends. Check the website for the latest updates.
Fees: $5 per person (2 and under free) Includes walking through the fields, visiting the animals, and playing on the playground.
Parking: Free
Photographers: $30 per day
Picking: Yes! $1 per stem
Pets: Yes (on leashes)
Facilities: Yes

Get ready as flowers will bloom again at the end of June/first of July!

This small family-owned farm features a sunflower maze! Whether visitors choose to visit to see the flowers and the animals, schedule a picnic or laid back family gatherings here, this is a great place for the kids to run around.

8) Raised in a Barn

2100 NC Hwy 33 E, Chocowinity

Hours: Thursday – Friday:10AM – 6PM/ Saturday:10AM – 12AM/ Sundays-Wednesday are close
Fees: $5 per person
Parking: Free
Photographers: need an appointment, contact directly
Picking: Yes! $ 1 per stem or a dozen for $10
Pets: No
Facilities: Yes

Located near Washington, and about 20 minutes from Greenville, Raised in a Barn hosted the NC Sunflower Festival in years past. The farm reassesses its hours each week, so check its Facebook page for the most up-to-date information.

9) Dogwood Farms

8096 Belews Creek Road, Belews Creek, Forsyth County

Hours: Monday-Friday 4pm-DARK/ Saturday 9AM – DARK/ Sunday 1PM-DARK. Flowers should last through May – depending on the weather!
Fees: $5 per 8 and older, discounts available for multiple groups (state employees, first responders, etc). Veterans and active duty are FREE. Cash or card is accepted for all fees.
Parking: Free
Professional Photographers: $25 per hour (includes admission) – clients must still pay admission
Picking: Yes! Sunflowers $1/stem; wildflowers $3/6; $5/12.
Pets: On a leash only
Facilities: No

Located about half an hour outside of Greensboro, Dogwood Farms is the largest U-Pick sunflower field in the state! Dogwood Farms provides visitors with pruning shears and a bucket so they can pick their own flowers. It makes a beautiful setting for professional photos too, with various fields including multiple wildflower fields and sunflower fields. Two barns provide backgrounds as well. Plus they’re open at other times of year to pick various types of flowers and pumpkins.

THE BEST SUNFLOWER FIELDS IN NC TO VISIT featured by top NC blogger, The Common Traveler: image of sunflowers
Raleigh Sunflower Fields

10) Dewberry Farm

2585 Dewberry Farm Lane, Kernersville

Hours: Closed for the season
Fees: $8 per adult, $5 for children over 2 Purchased in advance
Parking: Free
Photographers: $25 fee
Picking: Yes! $1.50 per sunflower, $0.50 per zinnia, $2.50 per dahlia, $0.50 per snapdragon
Pets: No
Facilities: Yes

This private residence typically serves as an outdoor venue for weddings and special events but opens to the public for UPick events in the Spring for tulips and Summer for sunflowers and zinnias. Tickets must be purchased online in advance and are scheduled for a two-hour time frame but guests may stay as long as they like. Bring a blanket and have a picnic!

11) Pace Family Farms

12701 Buffalo Road, Clayton

Hours: May 1-6, 2023
Fees: Quart: $7 Basket: $13 Bucket: $18 Flat (2 Buckets): $34
Parking: Free
Photographers: $25 fee
Picking: Yes! $2.95/ pound
Pets: No
Facilities: Yes

Bring your own container and get $1 off per family!

12) Oddie’s Sunflower Field

2890 Oddie Road, Salisbury

Hours: Couple patches for g sunflowers blooming!

Oddie’s Sunflower Field, located in Salisbury, NC, is a delightful place where pets are welcome. You can bring your beloved Fido to enjoy the sight of the vast sunflower field and perhaps capture some memorable photos together!

The sunflowers typically start blooming in June and continue to brighten the landscape throughout the entire summer season. Please remember to refrain from picking any flowers during your visit and kindly clean up after your furry companion.

13) Waxhaw Sunflower Fields

Corner of Providence Road and Ennis Road, Waxhaw

While Charlotte has other sunflower fields in nearby South Carolina, this is the only one in North Carolina. Located off Highway 16, local farmers have planted sunflower fields to bring smiles and good cheer for the last two years. These have traditionally bloomed in August.

THE BEST SUNFLOWER FIELDS IN NC TO VISIT featured by top NC blogger, The Common Traveler: image of bucket with sunflowers
Cutting my own sunflowers with pruning shears

Sunflower Field Etiquette

Each sunflower field in NC has its own set of rules. Please consider them carefully before you go out to each sunflower field to avoid any aggravation. Some general rules have been listed below:

  • Do not go to any sunflower fields in NC when they are not open.
  • Driveways are made of dirt and gravel – drive SLOWLY!
  • Do not smoke anywhere on the property, including in parking lots.
  • Only bring your pet on a leash if permitted.
  • Bring your own pruning shears and bucket if you’ll be picking your own sunflowers.
  • Only cut the stems you plan to purchase.
  • Leave the bees, butterflies, and other insects alone. They will fly away on their own.
  • Walk between the sunflower rows – use the paths.
  • Bring your own water bottle.
  • Wear sunscreen if you’ll be picking your own sunflowers.
  • Don’t forget bug spray since there are often woods nearby.
  • Wear flat shoes – you’ll be in fields, sometimes in muddy spots. Save your heels for another time.

THE BEST SUNFLOWER FIELDS IN NC TO VISIT featured by top NC blogger, The Common Traveler: image of sunflowers selfie
Obligatory Sunflower Selfie! (I’m not very good at these – I never look at the right spot!)

Final Thoughts on the Best Sunflower Fields in NC:

Nothing changes your disposition and puts a smile on your face like taking a walk through a field of these full-face sunshiny beauties! So while we have to keep our distance, enjoy going outside and admiring these sunny flowers. Don’t forget to look for sunflower fields in your own state – I’ve heard there are beautiful sunflower fields in Alabama too!

Have you visited a great sunflower field in NC or in your own state? What did you think? What did you enjoy the most?

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Happy travels!
Annick, The Common Traveler

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THE BEST SUNFLOWER FIELDS IN NC TO VISIT featured by top NC blogger, The Common Traveler.
THE BEST SUNFLOWER FIELDS IN NC TO VISIT featured by top NC blogger, The Common Traveler.
THE BEST SUNFLOWER FIELDS IN NC TO VISIT featured by top NC blogger, The Common Traveler.