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Considering a trip to a hot climate? As hard-working people who get many things done each day, we know that there are times when we deserve breaks. We value productivity – we always want to get lots done to feel better about ourselves. Too much work is a problem, though, and respite is necessary. We also just need to be able to get some time away to enjoy what this planet has to offer. Whether we’re traveling alone or with a pack of friends, getting out of our home town provides the kind of refresh we all need. 

For those looking to get away to a hotter climate – have you thought much about what the heat can do to you? If you’re a seasoned traveler and have done this kind of thing before, then you’re probably versed in all of the issues, and this post probably isn’t for you. If you’re a naïve newbie, however, then perhaps this post might help. We share tips to remember while traveling to a much hotter climate.

So many people head abroad and suffer from all kinds of issues. Sunstroke and skin-related issues happen all of the time regarding those blissfully unaware of what might go wrong. The good thing is that we now know how to protect ourselves from this happening. A lot of it could be common sense, but if you don’t know, then you don’t know. Here are some pieces of advice for those looking to traveling to a much hotter climate for a while: 

Hot Climate Travel Tips

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Know Where You’re Going

We’ve all heard stories of instances when someone (or a group) goes on vacation somewhere and gets lost or doesn’t consider the terrain. They’ll likely do a half-hearted skim of the area and then struggle when they get there. They might not even bother checking out the site on a map app. If you’ve done this, then the chances are that your vacation will be a little more awkward than you thought. 

This becomes more complicated when the hot sun is beaming down upon you. Things are already hard enough when you’re stressed out over your navigation skills abroad – imagine what it’s like when you’re burning and are losing fluids quickly! Ensure you know where you’re going.

When I wanted to visit Aruba’s Natural Pool but wanted to hike in instead of taking a tour, we planned a route including where we would park our rental car. Knowing where you’re going is especially important when you’re exploring areas that are not well marked or a bit off-the-beaten-path.

Keep Your Skin Protected At All Times 

Again, this is obvious in the year 2021, but plenty of people ignore it. They’ll go a few hours without protecting their skin because they think it won’t affect them at first. That’s, of course, not how it works. You need to ensure that you throw some sunscreen on straight away. Some people aren’t aware and wonder how much sunscreen should you use on your face and many other similar questions, but it’s not difficult to get into the habit. It’s not just about sunburn – there are so many other skin-related issues that can become apparent if you’re not careful. 

Keep in mind special restrictions about sunscreen at your location. Many countries, like Aruba, require everyone to use coral reef-safe sunscreens and have banned products containing oxybenzone. Because Aruba’s white sand beaches and water reflect the sun, yet the wind makes it feel less hot, you may forget to re-apply sunscreen since you’re close to the equator. Consider SPF clothing and a hat in addition to sunscreen. 

Keep Yourself Hydrated 

So many people choose not to keep hydrated. They’ll only drink water when they feel as though they’re on the cusp of complete dehydration. This isn’t the attitude. Even if you think water is boring, you should consume as much as you can. If you have more in the tank, then you’re going to have a lot more energy to go about your day. Your skin will also benefit alongside sunscreen and other protective equipment.

Keep in mind that medications and alcohol may make you even more dehydrated than usual, so you need to drink lots of water. The best way to do this is to carry a bottle of water with you that reminds you to drink often. 

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Know Your Limits

There will be things that you are capable of doing. There will be things that you absolutely will not be able to do. Don’t feel pressured to participate in particular events because everyone else is or because they’ve made you feel as though you should. If the heat has gotten to you, then sit this one out and get some respite. 

Find a cool shady place and rehydrate yourself. Traveling is supposed to be fun, after all, so take it easy! Travel to a hotter place will force you to take things a bit easier.

Learn From Your Experiences 

Take what you learn because this will likely not be the only time you put yourself in this situation. You’ll figure out just how much you can take and what you can do when thrust into certain instances. Never forget because you could be put in a pretty awkward spot if you let things get out of hand again. But don’t let it discourage you from traveling to a much hotter climate like taking a Morocco road trip!

Ensure Your Temper Doesn’t Flare 

When things get a little too heated, your mind can go a little crazy. If you’re traveling with friends or family members, then this can make things a little awkward. If you’re feeling a little stressed out and agitated by the climate, don’t take things out on others. Keep yourself hydrated, relax, and move forward. Take time to literally “cool off.”

What tips do you have for dealing with travel to a hotter climate? Share with us in the comments!

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Tips for when you travel to a hotter climate | The Common Traveler shares the obvious and not so obvious things to keep in mind if you're traveling to a much hotter climate: from sunscreen to staying hydrated and taking it easy, you're sure to have a more enjoyable trip if you remember these tips.

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