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Stand in a field of lavender and your next inhale relaxes you. Open your eyes as blues and purples pop into focus. Busy bees buzz around, pollinating from one plant to the next, while butterflies flutter from one bud to the next. This is the beauty of visiting a lavender farm. I couldn’t believe that these beautiful lavender fields were located so close to Greenville! Keep in mind that many lavender farms in North Carolina may also be close to you.

Best Time to Visit Lavender Farms in SC

Harvest season is from late April to July. The flowers peak in the middle of June in South Carolina. While guests often ask whether the lavender is in bloom, guests should ask instead whether the lavender is in full color.

SC Lavender Farms to Visit | The Common Traveler | image: bees on purple flower | Lavender Farms by popular US travel blog, The Common Traveler: image of bees on lavender flowers.
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Lavender Farms in SC Open to Visitors

Please note that all these hours are subject to change (weather, holidays, special events, etc). Before you drive out, double-check each lavender farm’s website and Facebook page to avoid disappointment!

Elf Leaf Farm

141 North Campbell Road, Landrum, SC

Hours: Thurs/Fri 9am-3pm; Sat/Sun 9am-5pm – Open late May to mid June
Fees: $5 per person (booked through Eventbrite which charges a fee as well), includes first bundle (additional bundles are $6)

Keep an eye on their Facebook page for their Third Annual You Pick event!

Certified SC Grown lavender surrounds you with beautiful mountain views. Browse the lavender products, including handmade soaps and lotions. You can cut your own lavender stems at Elf Leaf Farm. This small, family-run lavender farm instills the joy of lavender in all who visit. Their culinary lavender is top-notch – try their lavender tea or lemonade!

Twin Creeks Lavender

4638 Midway Rd, Williamston, SC

Hours: 9am-2pm on the following dates in 2021: May 21-23, May 28-30, June 4-6, June 11-13 (more details on their Facebook page)
Fees: $5 per person (free for 5 and under and 65 and over) (purchase in advance through Eventbrite)

OPENING MAY 21, 2021!

This century-old working farm added lavender to its repertoire. Bring a blanket if you wish to picnic. Offering seven varieties of lavender, so connoisseurs can pick their favorites from several. After you pick, they will be bundled and charged in $5 increments. The farm provides baskets, bags, and scissors – do not bring your own. A wedding venue is coming soon!

Lavender Field Estate

1695 N. Main Street, Sumter, SC

Located in Sumter, SC, this field and special event location is open to the public by appointment and for special events. Enjoy their entire facility, including a chapel, pond, and 11 acres of nature! Their Facebook page will list special events.

Map of South Carolina Lavender Farms

Wondering if one of these is near you? Check out the map below for the closest SC lavender farm:

Lavender Farm Etiquette

Each lavender farm in SC has its own set of rules. Please consider them carefully before you go out to each lavender farm to avoid any aggravation. Some general rules have been listed below:

  • Do not go to any lavender farm in SC when the farm is not open.
  • Driveways are made of dirt and gravel – drive SLOWLY!
  • Do not smoke anywhere on the property, including parking lots.
  • Do not bring your pet with you. They can’t be around the lavender and you don’t want to leave them in the car.
  • Bring your own scissors and bag if you’ll be picking your own lavender.
  • Only cut the stems above all the leaves.
  • Leave the bees, butterflies, and other insects alone. They will fly away on their own.
  • Walk between the lavender rows – don’t walk on the weed fabric.
  • Wear sunscreen if you’ll be picking your own lavender.
  • Don’t forget bug spray since there are often woods nearby.
  • Wear flat shoes – you’ll be in fields, sometimes in muddy spots. Save your heels for another time.

SC Lavender Farms to Visit | The Common Traveler | image: close up of hands and shears cutting lavender |Lavender Farms by popular US travel blog, The Common Traveler: image of a woman cutting lavender sprigs.

Lavender Farms in SC Selling Products

These lavender farms are not open to the public, but their products are sold either online, in stores, or at farmers’ markets throughout the state. Support local farmers by purchasing their products:

  • Southern Hills Lavender
    While their lavender fields are no longer open to the public, their lavender plants are still available for sale if you’d like to create your own lavender garden.

Final Thoughts on the Best Lavender Farms in SC to Visit

You don’t need to escape to Provence to enjoy the relaxing fragrance of lavender. With plenty of lavender farms in South Carolina, we all have an opportunity to enjoy our own field of dreams right in our own home state!

Have you visited any lavender farms in SC or in your own state? What did you think? What did you enjoy the most?

There’s a great lavender farm in Pennsylvania, Hope Hill Lavender Farm, as well.

If you’re exploring the Carolinas, check out these other options too:

Happy travels!
Annick, The Common Traveler

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